Mission Statement

Relocating to Cornwall was a first step in our dream to have large workable no-dig
gardens for us to grow Fruit, Vegetables, and Flowers, in quantities to sustain our needs.

The No-dig commitment

Staying true to the no-dig practice and working
the grounds with that principle in mind.

Enable efficient interactions

utilizing the various aspects of the garden to
provide in-house supply of the required tools
and natural resources of the land.

Change normal practises

over the years it has been normal practise to
spray chemicals over the ground, and plants
to kill off pests and predators - NO More!

Converging with Nature

Working with Nature instead of trying
to control her.

Natures tools

We are all provided with the tools for 
living by Nature, we just need to learn
how to encourage that environment.

Living in Harmony

Respect for all-natural elements that
are on the land including the birds and
bees, animals, and insects.

Establish a unique environment

By nurturing the fields from their beginnings as
paddocks, to Earth-friendly eco-systems.

Encourage wildlife

By using friendly natural elements in the gardens
we will encourage local wildlife to make use of
the resources we shall supply, for them and us.

Sharing the experience

As the gardens become more mature we shall open them up to others so they too can enjoy the pleasures of the land.