Garden Tools Explained

Possibly one of the most difficult tasks in starting to garden is the 'What tools do I use for the different chores?' question. And you would not be alone in this predicament. Yes, it is easy for the expert gardener with years of experience to poo-poo the learner in choosing implements for tackling the various chores one gets to do whilst gardening. But this can be a bewildering time when you know little about how the choices of tools can reflect not only in the quality of the works, but also the ease in which they are performed.
The very first rule about buying tools, as with everything else is, 'you get what you pay for', hopefully!


So here are pictures, explanations of what they do, and how learners can make things much easier by choosing the right tools for the job.
Many tools certainly are self-explanatory in their shape and their usefulness, and indeed, even many learners will know instinctively what tools to use for many jobs in the garden having seen them in various environments or in the media.
Please remember that I am doing this section to take in the complete beginner so you may already know much of what is here!


Hand Tools

Small tools like these shown here can be invaluable for saving time and effort and help you complete a job well done.