Welcome to the Nesting Page.

Here you can find out about any of the birds who are using the Gardens @ Nanpean to bring up their broods of chicks.
Our first serious try at nesting birds is our purpose-built camera house which has four CCTV cameras, 2 looking east and west respectively, and a further two cameras internal, one for each nesting box which is built into the top of the camera house with holes suitable for Tits.
We are delighted to tell you that one of the boxes is now being filled up with nesting materials by a pair of Great Tits who have chosen it for their nest site this year. As we progress throughout time at The Gardens, we shall add further purpose-built boxes around the area to encourage more birds to choose our site to nest. 
This camera house is sited at the top of the field alongside the North boundary wall of our gardens, surrounded by Hawthorn and other medium-sized trees. In time other nesting pairs will also join those we already have on-site and will increase the bird population.
Our first purpose-built nesting box