End of May and all is well.

South wall gate
Finished South wall complete with gate

We are a little late with our update for May as we were busy with many chores and tasks to

April and Spring is here, nearly.......

Inside our walled garden
The most exciting time of the year for gardeners with possibilities, dreams, and expectations.

Spring is in the air, and the flowers are blooming great......

Those Purple Sprouting Brocolli do not grow themselves.......   but Loraine can.

For gardeners, the start of the year taking in

Say Goodbye to January............

Upper ramp arch made from coppiced sycamores, the white Jasmine will be trained to grow up and over it.

January bows out with little fuss and the gardeners

2022 is going to be MONUMENTUS YEAR for ALL - prepare yourself!

JANUARY! Bet this makes you feel cold, but at this time of the year, it is to be expected. We are getting some of the chores done but we are not taking a

Happy 2022

Best wishes to you all for a bright and prosperous New Year in 2022!

The End of another year!

Loraine has done well with our lettuce this year and we have the leaves quite often during the winter months.

December 1st – It’s Cold, It’s Wet and it’s Dark!

frosty january

Let’s get the weather report out of the way before going on with the news from ‘The Stables’.

September in the country.......... Sunshine and Blue skies

view from small wood

One of the best things about living in countryfied settings are the views you get each day.

October the season of harvesting is here.....

Strawberries on plate

This time of the year is definitely a bittersweet feeling as we move closer to the end of the growing year and start to move into Autumn.

A Further update in August 2021

Geese Skein

As promised, here is a further update to give you all more info about what we are up to at present with our project down here in Cornwall.

Lots of animal life is starting to appear

A nice part of living in a semi-rural area is the larger amount of wildlife that can be seen and caught on