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Well, they say 'If you build it, they will come'................

And it appears they are right!
The new camera house Paul built last year has two nesting boxes built-in and both have cameras inside to show the efforts of any residents who may decide to stay. Well, a pair of Great Tits have started building their nest in one and we are making a page to let you see and follow the progress of these birds as they go.

If you wish to learn more, then just click on the link below to go to the Nesting page. We hope to put photos and video, along with some editorial to explain their comings and goings as they proceed through the nesting cycle.
Nesting page here

Coal Tit in nesting box

No-Dig Gardening at the Gardens at Nanpean

A method from the past, to carry us into the future!
If you have not thought about trying this
earth-friendly way of gardening - you should.


When you love what you do

it is no longer a chore


Having something to aim for

in life is a blessing in disguise


Creating is great but creating

for everyone is better

The Bird Feeders at the Secret Gardens of Heligan......

Loraine and I have a soft spot for the Gardens at Heligan and have been visiting them for over 20 years now. Besides having an excellent series of walled gardens including fruit and vegetable gardens, they have extensive walks, lakes, meadows, hidden valleys, bird and livestock enclosures, they also have a very nice hide in which you can observe the wildlife, especially the birds.
This small video was taken through the window of the hide showing the birds using the many feeders that are filled every day. We have spotted all types of birds visiting here to get a free meal and no doubt if you are lucky enough, you may well spot small mammals meandering through the grass and undergrowth.

Organic Sustenance....
The way of the future?

Dependency on central production and the greed culture has left many scars on this planet in it's drive for more, from less!

Is it time to redress the way we live, work and interact with each other, not just for our sake, but for the future of this earth.

Sustainability leads to healthy gardens
Sustainability leads to healthy gardens
Long term health of your garden should be the most important aspect of your goals. Working with nature is so much easier than trying to fight it!
Healthy soil is everything
Healthy soil is everything
The soil in your garden works similarly to the blood in your veins. It carries far more than you can see with your eyes.
One team, one goal
One team, one goal
It is important that you work together towards the same ends. One person can undo the work of many in a very short time!

What are the tools of the gardening trade?Starting out in gardening can be a daunting feeling, not knowing what to do, how to do it, and importantly, what tools do I need?
Hopefully, we can outline most of the important items that you will need in gardening and others which, are just nice to have.

Need some help finding good gardening supplies? Check these links out - I have NO affiliation with these companies, I just like their businesses.
IT can be time-consuming and difficult to identify good gardening supply companies that offer good products for decent prices. Here are some of the ones that we use ourselves.